My Marriage is Drowning!

When I walked down the aisle to become Rufinos bride, we were full of hopes and promises. Now our marriage was sinking like a boat with holes in it. This was hard for me because I thought our marriage would be different.

We had four children. Our boat was being weighed down by work, bills, heath issues, and financial difficulties. I put my husband last on my priority list and our marriage began to suffer.

It seemed everything was an argument. Our boats were no longer on the same course. I wanted our marriage to get back on course. But, I had doubts about attending the Retrouvaille program. I kept replaying in my mind all the reasons I should not go.

Finally , we did attend the Retrouvaille weekend and Post Sessions. It changed our lives. Our children were the first to notice a difference in us. Then other family members started to see the love that was there the day I became his bride. There is no magic wand to fix anything in life including marriages. But, this program was the life preserver our marriage needed. .

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