• "Hello to all our Retrouvaille relationship saviors:

    One week after we all gathered in Las Vegas, I can ecstatically report that, for our family, Retrouvaille needs only Pope approval to qualify as a miracle.

    Our lives have made so many positive changes in so little time my head is reeling and my heart is wide open ... I’ve experienced many strong emotions this week, with the four strongest being love, optimism, joy and appreciation.

    Monday was a blessed birthday cake from God with each candle representing a magic synchronicity of people and events "showing up" in marvelous manifestations of the truism: "God is in heaven, all is right with the world."

    I wished I possessed the power to convey to you how dramatic our week has been.... perhaps the perspective of one of our shadows on the wall will help tell the story...

    We have only now realized how much our married—single life impacted our children, Zac (11), Karly (8) and Thomas (6).

    Earlier this week I asked Karly if her Mommy and Daddy’s arguing affected her.

    "I would go straight to my room and shut the door," she said. "Sometimes I would come out and ask one of you a question and hope that would make you stop."

    Today I was driving Karly to her soccer game and I received a call from Karen on the cell phone. When I hung up, Karly looked at me quizzically and asked, "Who were you talking to?"

    I thought that question was odd as I had ended the call to my wife with, "I love you." First of all, I rarely get calls on that cell phone from anyone other than Karen. Secondly, I don’t say "I love you" to very many people. I thought it should be obvious to my daughter that I was talking to her mother.

    Then it dawned on me: Karly is not accustomed to me using a sweet voice with Karen. My emotional shift towards Karen rattled Karly’s normally logical thinking.

    She explained why she was surprised that I was talking to Mommy.

    Lots of times when Mommy calls she is mad at you," Karly said, "And then you get mad back ... I’m glad you went to that class in Las Vegas."

    And so are we!

    We thank you all for giving so much of yourselves to us.

    We are happy in the belief that you know the great good you are doing and that, through devoting yourselves to God’s work, your own lives are filled with meaning and love.

    Most appreciatively,

    J. and K.

    Couples from our last Weekend

  • "My husband and I attended our weekend a year ago April 17th. We were in bad shape and on the verge of divorce. I wasn't even sure our weekend was going to do anything until the last day. On that day we reconnected. We remembered what we loved in each other. I thank Retrouvaille every day for showing us the way!"

  • "We had tried counseling and other things before this and were at a point where we could not take any more. We both were very depressed and I know that each of us questioned at times whether it was worth going on. We had considered divorce twice and this was our last attempt. We also have two wonderful kids who were showing signs of our struggles. Retrouvaille not only has saved our marriage, but has changed our lives, individually and as a couple."

  • "Last Christmas, both of us felt like our marriage would not last another year. We attended a weekend in March. We are still together and plan on keeping it that way for the rest of our lives! Retrouvaille helped us communicate in a way that we never had before. Words cannot describe the joy we feel!"

  • "Retrouvaille saved our marriage"

  • "We came to Retrouvaille thinking nothing would work, but it was the first time we really faced our problem as a couple and began to work on our marriage together. We have been given another chance."

  • "Retrouvaille gave me the means to look at myself honestly and objectively. We have been given a new meaning to our marriage and the ways with which to build our relationship."

  • "We attended our Retrouvaille weekend, wanting to put our marriage back together. It’s is a great privilege, to thank God and all his glory for Retrouvaille. My ex-wife and I were remarried July 31st, 1997. This is truly a miracle, and would not have been possible had it not been for all of the prayers, from our friends sending us to Retrouvaille."

  • "We are finally (after 18 years) getting to know each other in a new light. We like what we see and are experiencing true love, as we never thought possible."

  • "Retrouvaille hasn't eliminated our problems or concerns, but has given us the tools to work with and has given us a better understanding of each other and the maturity to talk things out."

  • "We had drifted apart over the years, almost living like strangers together. Our love was buried under bitterness and anger. We rarely talked and mostly tolerated one another. We found we could forget the past mistakes we had both made and go on from there."

  • "We were separated. I was alone without any support. Counseling resolved many individual problems, but Retrouvaille showed us how to reconnect to the benefit of us and our children."

  • "After 27 years, interspersed with physical violence and deceit, Retrouvaille gave us the hope that led to the peace and mutual support we now enjoy."

  • "We had both been unfaithful, yet Retrouvaille gave us the trust to find each other again."

  • "Our love was buried under bitterness and anger. The program dug it out."

  • "Retrouvaille has been instrumental in my healing from childhood sexual molestation. I carried this into my marriage and kept it hidden for the first 20 years. This molestation affected all aspects of my marriage, not just my sexuality. I lost my sense of self-worth and values - I often felt like an object instead of a wife. Through Retrouvaille and, specifically, the 'communication technique’, I learned that I could share with my husband, and that he accepted me as I was. Sometime after our weekend, I shared this secret with him. He overwhelmingly understood, and this started us on the path to healing."

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  • "The program has given us a second chance which I wouldn't have believed possible."

  • "I felt hopeful. For us, it was a new beginning after much darkness and pain."

  • "Our love was buried under bitterness and anger. The program dug it out."

  • "We had no communication. It opened all lines and reconciled our marriage."

  • "After a 22 year relationship, I feel that we are closer now than ever before. The tools we have learned have truly made us understand each other."

  • "Retrouvaille gave us the means to work through our problems and kept us from separating. We are forever grateful!"

  • "We were married for 22 years when our world came crashing down. We lost our connection and felt alone. After attending and working the Retrouvaille program, we have rebuilt the trust and respect we had in Our early years of marriage."

  • "After 30 years of marriage, Retrouvaille helped us re-discover each other and save our relationship!"

  • "After 17 years, the joy, laughter and friendship was over. Retrouvaille brought life back into our marriage. We are now celebrating 32 years!"

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